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You may have heard the statistic that most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time; we get into the habit of reaching for the same items time and time again, leaving clothes lurking at the back of the wardrobe (some with their labels still on) never to see the light of day.

Whether you have a wardrobe bursting at the hinges with purchases or a modest collection of clothes, it’s likely that there will be items that you may not have worn for several months, or perhaps even forgotten. January is a great time to take stock of many things, your wardrobe included, so this month I’m encouraging you to shun the sales and instead go through your existing clothes, weeding out anything you don’t wear and perhaps discover some new outfits that you may not have come across before!

Here are my top 10 tips to help you perform a successful wardrobe weed:
  1. Preparation is the name of the game – ensure you have bin bags, boxes, post-it notes and paper and pen handy….and a glass or two of wine or a builder’s cuppa wouldn’t go amiss!
  2. Book yourself ‘timeout’ to complete the task – you don’t want interruptions or to have to stop halfway through.
  3. Firstly, think about those items of clothing that hold great sentimental value to you and are items that you never want to throw away, even if you never wear them. Most likely they are clogging up your wardrobe, so take your post-it notes and label what each item means to you. Put them to one side and at a later date place them in a pretty box, wrapped in tissue with your notes attached. That way you will always have those precious memories, but you will also have freed up some much-needed wardrobe space.
  4. Now the detox can begin. Pull out every item of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories from your wardrobe, your drawers, from boxes, bags, wherever, don’t miss anything. If you have a wardrobe bursting at the seams, you may have to do this in stages, so start with tops, then bottoms, dresses and so on.
  5. You now need to be ruthless! Go through each item and bin anything that’s past its best. Has it worn well? Has it faded? Is it bobbled or scuffed? Does is have holes or pulls in it? Sometimes we hold onto clothing for longer than we should, because we love them so much. However, wearing clothes that have seen better days can make you appear scruffy and are probably best kept to wear around the house!
  6. Next assess the remaining items and be honest with yourself. Is the item in your colour palette? If not, can you wear it with something that flatters your natural colour characteristics? If the answer to both of these questions is no, then I’d suggest you remove it from your wardrobe. Does the style of item fit you well? Does it flatter your body shape and proportions? If you don’t feel comfortable, then it’s unlikely you’re going to wear it, so it's best to get rid of it.
  7. Next think about how you feel in the item? Feeling comfortable in your clothes is so important - if you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious then you won’t be able to relax and be your best. If there is anything in your wardrobe that you really don’t like wearing it definitely needs to go!
  8. Ask yourself when did you last wear an item? If it’s more than six months ago, then it’s unlikely you’re going to wear it again (unless it’s a seasonal piece of course). The exception to this would be classic items like skirts or trousers in a neutral colour, in which case give yourself another three months to get back into wearing them.
  9. By now you will have created a ‘yes’ pile. These will be the items that you love wearing and make you feel great – put these directly back into your wardrobe so you can clearly see what you have. The remaining clothes are your ‘no’s’. Divide these into your bin bags – those to donate to a charity shop, those that you would like to sell online (e.g. on eBay) and those that need to be thrown away.
  10. Your detox is complete. Now it's time to look at your clothes with a fresh pair of eyes. Experiment with different combinations of clothing, try accessorising with belts, statement necklaces and scarves. Have fun with your clothes and enjoy discovering new outfits without leaving the house or spending any money!
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Author: K Crowe