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I know all to well that it can be a bit tricky deciding what to wear over the festive period, particularly if you don't want to waste money on lots of new items - especially as you'll probably only wear them once!
So here are some 'investment pieces' ideas that you can mix in with items you may already have in your wardrobe to give you greater versatility all year round and most importantly a low cost per wear.
Pleated skirts
Pleated skirts have been a key trend this season with lots of choice available in the shops, from velvet to sparkly, in shimmery fabrics and in a a range of colours too. All of these can be dressed up with a blouse in lace or satin to create a smart evening/party look. The examples below are all from M&S.

Swap the blouse for some chunky knitwear and wear them with boots and a leather jacket for a contemporary daytime look for a pub lunch or dinner in the evening, as seen in the example below.

A jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress. If you choose one in a simple block colour it is easy to dress it up for a night out by adding a sparkly belt, some jewellery and heels. These examples are from John Lewis.

Choose carefully and you can wear it again with a leather belt and a jacket for a wedding or another smart event. Pop some knitwear over the top, some chunky boots and your jumpsuit will look like trousers!


If you have a sparkly or shimmery top from a previous season, why not try wearing it with some wide leg trousers and ankle boots to create a new silhouette? You may already have the wide leg trousers from last season but if you don't they'll make a great investment because you can wear them all year round! All items below from M&S.

And finally.....

Christmas jumpers!

If the dress code says “Christmas jumper,” the less “Christmassy” you make your choice, the more likely you will be able to wear it again. Exchange snowman and elf themes to one of sparkles and stars and you’ll be able to wear your jumper throughout the winter (you can always add some reindeer antlers or a Santa hat to up the Christmas theme!). Jumpers above from Boden and Next.

So hopefully I have given you some inspiration on how to look fabulous at Christmas without blowing the budget!

K Crowe
Most people have black in their wardrobe, some have little other colour in there. But it isn’t always the most flattering of shades, particularly as we get older. It has a tendency to cast shadows around the jowls and highlight fine lines and wrinkles.
So what shades can we introduce into our wardrobe in place of black?

LIGHTS (Cate Blanchett)
Your look is light and delicate and wearing black close to your face can make you look tired and unwell. Try swapping this out for medium grey or rose brown. The key is to mix these with lighter shades such as pastel pink or light apricot.

DEEPS (Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Obama)
You do actually get black in your palette as your look is dark and strong and you carry it well. However, it’s easy to ‘play it safe’ but your wardrobe could end up lacking variety. Aubergine and dark navy are sufficiently deep to balance out your look and will add interest to a monochrome wardrobe. Lucky you, you can team these with other deeper or even lighter shades.

WARMS (Sarah Ferguson)
Black looks very flat against your rich, golden look. Bronze and Chocolate are far more flattering shades for you to play around with. You can enhance these colours further by adding other yellow-based shades to them, such as amber or lime.

COOLS (Judi Dench)
As with Deeps, you have a very strong look and black therefore features in your palette. But try charcoal or teal which looks wonderful against your pink skin tone. You look your best with some contrast so team with icy blue or rose pink.

CLEARS (Courtney Cox)
Your overall look is contrasting (very dark hair, bright eyes) so this is another strong palette. Black can be exchanged for dark navy or charcoal and for maximum impact team with lighter, brighter shades such as light aqua or blush pink.

SOFTS (Kate Winslet)
With your mousey/light brown hair and soft, muted eyes, your look is very blended. You will always look better in medium depth colours so black isn’t one of your better shades. Try pewter and cocoa and wear these tonally with other colours of similar depth. Sage (an on-trend shade this year) and light periwinkle will work particularly well.

White is white right? Wrong. There are over 1,000 shades of white to choose from and some will look better on you than others.

At Colour me Beautiful we treat this colour as a neutral because it really is remarkably versatile, and can be worn tonally or teamed with virtually every other colour there is.

Your best white will very much depend on your own colouring. During a colour analysis, I assess your skin tone, hair and eye colour. When combined, these three things tell me a story, your story. I can then recommend shades that will look fabulous on you. Why settle for ok, when you can have amazing?
So which is your best shade of white?

Your naturally blonde hair and delicate skin lends itself well to soft white. Actually, soft white appears in everyone’s palette because it’s so flattering. It’s how you wear it that brings it to life. Try teaming soft white with peacock or sky blue in summer for a lovely fresh look. In winter, you could wear it with taupe, or medium grey.

Ivory is a great shade for you. If you’re adding a contrasting colour, look for something strong such as scarlet or fern in summer to balance out your look. In winter, try it with pine, aubergine or black. Stay away from wearing two light colours together as it will drain you.

You probably already know that you don’t look your best in pure white. It’s too stark against your rich skin and hair tones. Try cream instead and team it with coral (which is hot this year) or lime in the warmer months. It also looks sensational with terracotta or chocolate when the weather turns cold.

As with Deeps, make sure that you use contrast by way of a secondary colour. You look your best in blue-based colours (that’s colours with undertones of blue). Try adding light teal or cassis to soft white in summer and switch to royal blue or pine in winter.

You have the strongest look of all and if your undertone is cool, you will look sensational in pure white. If your undertone is warmer, stick to soft white. Regardless of the shade, make the most of it by adding strong colours such as cornflower blue or scarlet in the warmer months, and bright periwinkle and black when it gets colder

Your palette is very muted and so soft white is perfect for mixing with other neutral colours for a sophisticated look. Try stone and cocoa in summer and pewter or grey-green (khaki) in winter.

Why not book in for a colour analysis to discover your very best shades?


Let's cut to the chase. Summer is hot and no one wants to add extra layers and this goes for make-up too. So here is my guide (using all Colour me Beautiful products )to an easy beauty routine.

1) Use a hydrating cleanser
Our skin needs all the help it can get. Make sure you're not stripping your face of essential oil by switching to a cleanser that hydrates. Try our Hydrating Cream Cleanser which is infused with grapefruit, lavender and frankincense to produce a natural healthy glow.

2) Banish the excess oil
Our face produces excess oil when we're hot and this can cause blocked pores. Use our Balancing Toner to rebalance and rejuvenate the skin morning and night. You can also spritz this product on to your face to freshen your make-up during the day.

3) Don't forget the SPF
Even on cloudy days, the sun can damage your skin so choose a long lasting, lightweight sun protection. It's a good idea to apply this a good 15 minutes before your make-up if possible to allow it to bond to the skin.

4) Switch your foundation for a tinted moisturiser
It will even out your skin tone and add a hint of colour without the heaviness of foundation. Our tinted moisturiser is available in four different shades. If you prefer a fuller coverage, apply in light layers and use a smattering of loose powder for longevity.

5) Bronze!
A bronzer is much kinder to the skin than any sun tan. Lightly sweep it to the outside of your face, across the forehead, down the nose and chin. You can even use it in place of blusher for a sun-kissed look.

6) Lay off the heavy eyeliner
Black eyeliner is ageing, particularly in summer when you're likely to be wearing lighter and brighter coloured clothes. Our range has shades to suit all colourings from teal to aubergine, coffee to marine. Far more flattering and youthful when applied. Use the edge of the pencil as opposed to the tip for more control. Start from the outside edge and use feathery strokes working towards the inside edge of the eye. For a wide eyed look, stop at the centre of the eye (top and bottom) and use a cotton bud to blur the edges.

7) Sweep on the mascara
Avoid the thick caked-on look as it can be very ageing. Instead, opt for a mascara that lengthens and separates. Try navy or dark brown instead of black.

8) Switch out the lipstick for gloss
A sheer gloss complements the summer look perfectly. Use a lip pencil in a similar shade to 'colour-in' the lips before applying the gloss as this will still give you a bit of a tint when the gloss wears off. We can help you choose the perfect shade from our range.

You can find the full range of Colour me Beautiful skincare and make-up here: /
If you would like to find out your best cosmetic colours, do contact me - I know I can help you to look and feel your best for summer!

There's one person who is the queen of the column of colour. Her name? The Queen of course! Dressing in one colour or similar shades from top to toe is very slimming. A column of colour not only helps balance imperfections but it also elongates the frame giving a leaner silhouette. It's an easy win and a great confidence builder.

Image c/o The Sunday Times Style

And the good news is that you don't have to stick to black. Take Her Majesty for instance, we rarely see her in black (state occasions and funerals only). There's nothing stopping you from doing a column of red or blue or green or yellow. But black is slimming you say. Yes it is, but so is navy and charcoal and chocolate brown. In fact any deep colour will work, so choose your most flattering shade.
Don't dismiss brighter colours though because they can be very striking particularly in the warmer months. We're seeing a lot of brightly coloured trouser suits this season, a perfect choice for a formal occasion such as a wedding particularly if you don't enjoy wearing dresses. And they're versatile too because each piece can be worn separately to create different outfits.

Another way of achieving a column of colour is to wear the same shade in your top and bottoms and then add a contrasting or tonal jacket over the top. So for example, a column of navy blue with a stunning yellow blazer. The dark silhouette underneath serves to elongate your frame and the bright coloured jacket adds interest and personality. Again choose your best shades. Softs may struggle with too much contrast so can opt for a more tonal jacket such as jade with a navy column which would look simply wonderful against their blended look.

White can be difficult to pull off but it isn't impossible. Choose good quality fabrics that aren't see-through. Make sure that both bottom and top fit and flatter your frame. And finally, choose your best white. Cream will work really well on warm skin tones whilst soft white suits most colouring.
A trick that pros use to elongate the leg is to wear the same colour shoes as their trousers. It gives a continuous unbroken line from top to toe and an instant limb extension. However if you prefer to wear a slightly cropped trouser or indeed a skirt or dress, wear shoes that are close to your skin tone. And of course a pointed shoe will add extra length to your frame.
And finally, don't over do it. A column of colour is a bold statement so keep your accessories and prints to a minimum. Less is more with this look.
Did you know that Colour me Beautiful have dedicated a whole book on how to dress slimmer? You can order your copy through my shop. Or why not treat yourself to a session with me and I can show you how to look your very best!
Breton from Boden (
There are so many different ways of wearing stripes - horizontal, vertical, diagonal, small or large. It can be very daunting trying to decide if they suit you or not, plus we all have instilled in us the belief that if you wear a horizontal stripe it will make you look bigger. But is this really true?
Read on for my top tips and ideas on how to wear stripes like a pro!

The Horizontal Stripe Debate
The debate about which way to wear your stripes dates way back to 1925 when German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz showed that a square with horizontal stripes actually looked taller and thinner than one with vertical stripes.
Since then, discussions have continued about how to apply that to fashion. And there is no hard and fast rule because women’s bodies are all different and so different stripes will flatter different body shapes. And that’s why we can find a multitude of different stripy clothes! Don’t forget also that there are different ways to wear them too. Here are some of my top tips on how to wear stripes to flatter you:
1) Use stripes to
create optical illusions that elongate your body. For example, if you are petite or have short legs then vertically striped trousers can create the illusion of longer legs. Striped palazzo trousers are great too because you can pop a pair of heels underneath and instantly elongate your legs. Or, if you don’t have many curves, you can create some with well-placed stripes in tops and dresses.
2) If you do want to wear horizontal stripes, but you’re worried that they could make you look wider, a good way to wear them is to
layer stripes with solids. So, for example wear a long blazer or cardigan over a striped top in a block or neutral colour.
3) Another good way to get the look of stripes without a widening effect is to
lower the contrast between the colours in your stripes. So, instead of going for black and white, or navy and white, as is the classic style, try pastel stripes. Or, for autumn and winter, you could opt for stripes in autumnal hues such as burgundy or forest green.
4) If you’re not sure whether to go for vertical or horizontal stripes, then opt for the best of both worlds and
choose diagonal stripes. Diagonal stripes can confuse the eye, meaning that they can disguise the parts of your body you’re not too happy with. They can also create curves as, if you have stripes going in different directions, it creates the illusion of your body going in and out (in all the right places!).

Just because you’re thinking about stripes, don’t forget to also think about what is usually flattering for your body shape. So, if you’re atriangle body shape and you usually go for a full skirt, or you have an hourglass shape and look great in a pencil skirt, make sure you stick to these clothing types. Ultimately, it’s about finding stripes which are flattering to your own style and your own body shape.

If you’re not sure what your body shape is, then I can help - a
style consultation will give you all the answers about your body shape, your proportions and scale and is tailored to finding solutions that work for you.

And don’t forget the great thing about stripes is that they never date! They’re just as much on trend now as they were when Coco Chanel first wore the Breton top in the 30s. Here are some easy, stylish ways to wear stripes.

Invest in a classic Breton stripe
This is definitely one trend that will never go out of style! Plus, I’ve never seen a woman who doesn’t look great in a Breton top.
Striped shirt
Something else that will see you through season upon season is the striped shirt. Very on-trend this summer, in a kind of pyjama-style vibe, striped shirts are a great weekend and workwear staple.
Style with a denim pencil skirt and boots for a look which will take you through to autumn.

Mixing patterns
If you’re new to pattern mixing, then stripes are a great way to start because they look fabulous teamed with other patterns, like florals or leopard print. They key is to pick out similar colours in both patterns so they compliment each other rather than clash.
Stripes as an accessory
Accessories don’t have to just come in one block colour! There are some fabulous striped options in stores now.
You could, for example, team a plain white tee and jeans with striped trainers for an instant update on your wardrobe classics. Or, team striped shoes with a navy dress or dark jeans.

So be brave and invest in stripes this season – experiment with colour and direction and you could create a whole new look!

Print is everywhere this season. Big and bold, bright and cheerful, ditsy and muted, there's something for everyone. But where to start? Let me guide you through the pattern minefield with my handy tips below.

Move Over Leopard….

Yes our love for animal print never seems to tire does it? This season it’s all about snake print. Its fuzzy pattern and often muted colours makes this a great option for Softs. Choose a base colour that complements your skin tone, it doesn’t have to be the usual grey/green/brown offering.

Polka Dots and Spots

Expect to see lots of spots this spring. Remember the iconic brown and cream dress from Pretty Woman? Well, it’s back. We’ve already 'spotted' this colourway in bikinis, swimsuits, skirts and tops. A very feminine print that some would say is timeless, so check the back of your wardrobes before you go out and buy new. Spots are very flattering on curvy figures.

Scarf Print
There’s a new busier pattern on the block this season, say hello to the scarf print. Not for the faint hearted if worn all over but great for Creatives who will be more than happy to mix with strong colours, textures and other prints. If you fancy print clashing, make sure there’s some sort of cohesion such as a common colour that ties the pieces together or similar sized prints.
If that’s a step too far, you could tie a scarf print twilly around the handles of your handbag or even your wrist for a very chic look.

Geometric patterns are ideal for hiding the not so perfect bits of our body - they are the masters of disguise. Straight body shapes such as rectangles will love this design as it complements their angular body shape but hides the mum-tum. Choose your colours carefully and you will have a winner in your wardrobe for years to come. Those with a strong look such as Clears, Cools & Deeps will look fabulous in contrasting colours whilst Softs, Warms and Lights will be far more at home in tonal shades.

For the last few years, we’ve enjoyed wearing blooms. Say goodbye to the deeper backgrounds as we welcome fresher shades this spring. They can be difficult to pull off though. It’s really all about scale. Petites may want to avoid the huge prints as they can overwhelm a small frame. However, larger figures will pull these off a treat.

If you are unsure about what you can wear then why not book an appointment and find out! It will open your eyes to so much more variety and fun in your wardrobe!

Hello, welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you've had a fabulously colourful festive season.

As you’re reading this, no doubt your inbox is pinging with sales alerts, 20%, 30%, and even 50% off. Tempting isn’t it? But before you hit that buy button, here is my guide to bargain hunting.

1.Make a list
Seems obvious doesn’t it but how many times have you hit the shops without a firm idea of what you actually need? A shopping list will keep your mind firmly on the task in hand and you’ll be less likely to make a rash purchase ‘because it was under a tenner’.

2. Look for timeless pieces and basics
There’s a reason that the custard coloured Rara skirt is in the sale…because no one else wants it! Certainly the retailer doesn’t want to be stuck with it for another season. Don’t be sucked in by fashion-led items. Stick to timeless pieces such as trousers, jeans, jackets and coats.

3. Time to invest
The January sales are a good time to shop for investment pieces. Coats, boots and cashmere jumpers will be heavily discounted as retailers make way for their spring stock. Step up your game by visiting shops that are normally slightly out of your price range. Premium High Street stores such as Reiss, Karen Millen, Whistles, All Saints and LK Bennett have excellent sales and that leather jacket that was a little out of your reach before Christmas, may well now be very affordable.

4. Will it work in your wardrobe?
Before making a purchase, ask yourself,
Can I make at least three outfits with it?
Do I have footwear and outerwear to go with it?
Is it appropriate for my lifestyle?
If the answer to any of these questions is no, then there’s a fair chance that you will regret it further down the line.

5. Is it your colour and shape?
Just because your favourite blogger looks amazing in a bright pink oversized shirt doesn’t mean that it will be the same on you. Hold the item underneath your chin, preferably near natural daylight. Does it make you look fresher and more vibrant or does it make your skin look tired and dull? Use your smart phone to take a photo of yourself in the changing room. Does the item look good from all angles? Does it flatter your figure? Don’t settle for second best just because it’s in the sale. You can discover your own colours and style by booking in with me if you are not sure what suits you!

6. Check out online customer reviews
You can learn a lot about an item of clothing before ordering it by reading the online reviews. If several comments mention that the sleeves are very long then you might want to swerve it. Unless you have long arms!

7. Can you wait?
By holding your nerve and waiting until the end of January, you might just bag yourself a bargain. Of course it means searching through the dreg ends but the reward could well be worth it. It’s not unusual to find 70% discounts.

Understanding your own body shape, colouring and style personality will enable you to build a wardrobe of very wearable clothes and . So
why not invest in yourself this year with a full image makeover.
The roll neck. Just the word conjures up flash backs to the 60's and 70's ! Some of us will remember James Bond wearing a white roll neck under a dinner jacket! Very Yves St. Laurent. Charlie's Angels wore them too.
The roll neck is also known as the turtle neck or polo neck. Whatever you call it, it's back. The fashionistas are wearing it so pretty soon we will all be investing in one or two again.

However, before you go out and find your inner Charlie's Angel, think about whether it suits you. Do you have the neck for it? Does it flatter your figure? We have a few rules about these things, and whilst rules can sometimes be broken, with the roll neck they can make or break your look:

Rule 1: Roll necks are best suited to those with longer necks and well-defined jaw lines. The high neck draws attention to that area so, if you have a short neck or a double chin this style isn't really for you.

Rule 2: The garment must be in one of your best colours! It is so close to your face that the colour will really impact how you look so you must wear a flattering shade.

You will also need to address the weight of the roll neck. Is it a fine knit or heavy ribbed style? The fine knit will easily slip under a jacket or even under a pinafore or shift dress. This is a perfect combination for office wear, provided you don't get too hot. It is also a perfect backdrop for a stunning necklace.

The chunky roll neck is perfect for layering with a shirt or t-shirt underneath so that you can remove it if you get too warm.

If a tight roll neck is not for you but you want a similar look and feel, you can choose a looser cowl or funnel neck, which in many ways are easier to wear.

So, take the plunge, if it right for you and roll away!
A coat can define your winter look so if it’s outerwear you are investing in this season, make it a statement piece. With the variety of colours, styles and fabrics available, you will find it easy to make your investment coat something a bit special this season.
Ideally, you need at least three coats to cover all occasions from work to the weekend to an evening out. However, if you are investing in only one make sure that it will stand the test of time. As The Telegraph’s Phong Luu says about the “everyday best friend” coat, “ any best friend, it should be kind (to your figure), a faithful companion during rough (weather) times and in it for the long haul”.
The look for autumn/winter is elegant and simple, but it's the texture, colour or added detail that will make your coat stand out. If you want to go for colour then make it one of your most flattering shades. There is nothing more uplifting on a winter’s morning than pulling on a colourful coat.
In terms of texture you can find subtle designs like a leather or satin trim. For a bolder look you might want to find a special fabric or pattern such as tweed or herringbone or for something extra special, satin and brocade. As with any texture, fabric or pattern, you need to be sure that it suits you.
Three key shapes are the cocoon (ideal for round shapes), military (perfect on straight lines) and the timeless belted trench (for hourglass figures). There are many more styles so if none of these appeal to you, don’t panic and remember, it’s about finding what looks great on you.
If you are unsure about what does suit you then why not book a style consultation with me? I can help you find your best styles, shapes and fabrics and advise on where to shop within your budget to help give you the confidence to shine!