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Lucy, Market Harborough

Deborah, Market Harborough
Suzanne, Peterborough
Pam, Bristol
Annie, Rutland

Lesley, Leicestershire
Izzy, Rutland
Helen, Lutterworth

Jayne, Leicestershire

Kate, Leicester
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday. I was looking through the Colour me Beautiful book last night which I found very interesting. I love my new mascara - it seems to seperate my lashes better than a lot of mascaras I have used in the past. Thank you.
Christine, Market Harborough
I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation. You have an easy, accepting manner which made it enjoyable and easy to grasp. I have now been through my whole wardrobe and have found most of the colours are ones I can wear. I have started mixing and matching different colours and enjoying that too. The makeup session was an eye opener. It was great to find a product which hides the inevitable signs of old age!. I would certainly recommend you to friends. Thanks again.
Michelle, Melton Mowbray
I had an enjoyable 2 sessions with you and will now take some time to look closely at my wardrobe and to go shopping. I will certainly let my friends know about my experience and I'm sure they will be in touch! Thanks again.
Sarah, Yaxley
I had a great time at my consultation and I am starting to seek out brighter colours - picked up a lovely teal coloured top and a mustard cardigan the other day! Thank you also for the lipstick which arrived yesterday.
Elaine, Bourne
Thank you so much for the Colour Consultation. it was lovely to meet you and I had such a great time and I will definitely do a style consultation once i've settled in with my new colours. My makeup arrived today - that was really quick and just in time for a night out!
Hilary, Rutland
I really enjoyed the talk you did last night for our ladies group, on how to detox and shop your wardrobe and it has made me think about my clothes and how I rarely love the clothes I buy - they will just do. I will now try to think more about this when I buy clothes in the future. i am sure I will be coming to see you for a consultation in the next few months!
Jane, Rutland
My feet have not touched the ground since I saw you! I had a lovely afternoon thank you very much indeed.
Edith Weston Ladies Group
"Thank you for coming to Edith Weston - it was such an informative evening and great fun!"

"Last night was a great evening. I don't think there was a single person in the hall who wasn't set thinking by your top tips!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the session last night - thank you!"

Ruth, Peterborough
I had a full image consultation with Katie and it was absolutely brilliant and eye opening! Katie was charming and friendly and made me feel really relaxed. We had a great time. The consultation has given me loads of fresh ideas and I'm looking forward to the next shopping trip to put her advice into practice. I highly recommend Katie to anyone who feels they need a boost to their look and style.
Jane, Leicester
An enlightening session especially as it came as a complete surprise - a friend's treat.
I had a lovely morning in a relaxed and comfortable studio. Katie was friendly, informative and supportive as she competently guided me through the colours to complement my complexion. Placed in front of the mirror, it was interesting to see colours I'd never considered before, that I would have dismissed as unsuitable, could actually work for me.
In addition, Katie examined my make up and routine and offered some excellent tips to highlight key areas; I really liked the primer and light foundation.
A great experience - really enjoyable and informative. I've now started working through my wardrobe!
Many thanks
Helen, Northamptonshire
It was lovely to meet you & I really enjoyed the session, thank you.
I checked through my wardrobe & I would say 99% of my clothes already match my colours! The ones that didn't weren't too far away either, so doing pretty well. There are a few colours i don't have which I may try in the future. Also my makeup arrived today so thank you.
Tina, Melton Mowbray
Had a fun morning with Katie learning which colours suit me. The photos she takes along the way really help to show the difference a colour can make to your complexion. Having gone grey disgracefully I've been dithering about going back to my natural colour. Katie showed me which colours and make up suit me and how a lot of the colours I've been wearing no longer suit me and colours that I've previously avoided can be really flattering. I'm still dithering but am more likely to embrace the grey!
Jane, Peterborough
I wanted to thank you for a really useful and inspiring image consultancy with you. The following two evenings, I went though drawers and my wardrobe and put things into the three piles as recommend in the book. I even went through my make up bag and jewellery too.
I've already found it much easier to coordinate clothing. Shoes are a bit more tricky as most of them are going to the charity shop until I buy some with a very low heel!
My day with you really gave me the impetus to make some changes after several years. I've found the make up really easy and quick to apply and the items you ordered for me were here within two days. Thank you also for the links to petite retailers as I'd not looked at petite ranges for some years. Isn't it strange how we need to be reminded of things!
Joanna, Northamptonshire
I can highly recommend having a colour consultation by Katie. It was a hugely enjoyable experience, Katie made it fun and was very knowledgeable. I feel I have a much better understanding of the colours that suit me and the ones that do very little for me! There are a number of colours that I would previously have dismissed, but have now discovered that they actually do really suit me. Clothes shopping will be much easier and more enjoyable as I can focus on the right colours! Finding out your WOW colours is great and I can't wait to buy a few statement pieces. Receiving a swatch of all your colours at the end is a great idea, its compact and will be easy to take on future shopping trips! The make-up session was also really useful and I have even discovered that I do suit red lipstick after all! I cannot recommend Katie enough.
Jo, Corby
We had a great time at your Detox workshop! Really enjoyed the morning and came away with lots of tips. Here's to detoxing our wardrobes!
Billie, Greetham
I wanted to write to you to thank you for your excellent presentation, we were all inspired and encouraged to detox our wardrobes. I was at a lunch the following day with several Greetham WI members and you were definitely the topic of conversation! One lady had made a start and put 8 garments to go to charity. Some were having trouble choosing their heroes. As for me, I have opened my wardrobe door and quickly closed it again, I realise my detox will take about 2 days so I'm feeling rather depressed but I'll get there!

Thanks again for a fun and informative evening .
Helen, Greetham
Hi Katie , thank you for an inspiring talk last night at Greetham WI. I shall certainly look at my wardrobe completely differently now and take a chance on combinations,colours and current styles . The 4 F's will become my mantra when I next go shopping . Thank you
Alice, Rutland
Had a makeup consultation with Katie. Right from the onset I found Katie friendly, approachable and welcoming. Katie completely put me at ease and was able to talk in depth and knowledgable about what would suit me colour wise. She was able to demonstrate that by showing me how to apply the best colours to match the look I was wanting. There were lots of products and colours to try with no pressure to decide on any particular product. A lovely and personable email follow up was received also. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to take a bit of time out for themselves and have an enjoyable, informative time. Thanks Katie
Sue, Peterborough
I spent a very nice morning today with Katie who I found to be so friendly and she looked stunning so I knew she was good at what she does from the start!
I felt very comfortable and relaxed as she guided me through the process and explained the concept of colour which I have not appreciated before. It was lovely to use different colours which I would have shied away from before and, by the time I left I felt I understood a lot more. I will now try to put the techniques gained into practice. Thank you so much Katie.
Barbara, Broughton, Northamptonshire
I had an enjoyable time at a colour party with friends run by Katie. She was very friendly and spent time with the group as a whole and us all individually. I especially liked the fact that she took account of what we wanted to spend more time on and tailored the session for us. There was no "hard sell" of any of the things available to buy although most of us were tempted by something!
Carolyn, Leicestershire
I gifted my Mum a colour and makeup consultation with Katie, who I'd not met before. My Mum is trying to transition her hair colour to grey and was noticing that colours that she used to wear no longer worked for her. I asked if I could observe. We were both welcomed into Katie's beautiful house. We spent over 2 hours chatting, laughing and enjoying watching someone's face come alive with the right colours. Quite a complex process but a lot of fun. Mum was a bit nervous about makeup as she is mid 70's and likes a natural look. Katie was incredibly skilled at suggesting such a light and easy way to transform my Mum's skin and face and got her to do one half herself which was great!
Mum came away looking and feeling glamorous and somehow taller and more confident with a wallet of colour swatches to make shopping easy, and some natural, very affordable makeup and scarves, none of which we felt pressured to buy.
A truly special, uplifting experience.
Hilary, Grantham
My daughter had arranged for me to have a ' Colour me beautiful ' consultation as an early Christmas present, and I arrived, with her, with some trepidation and only an inkling of what it was all about. Katie was warm and welcoming and immediately put me at ease. Over a cup of tea, Katie explained in detail what the consultation would involve, and what the outcome would hopefully be, and the history of the Company itself.
In a lovely room in her house, totally dedicated to her business, Katie began showing me how certain colours could transform the way I looked. Makeup was applied which looked natural and minimalistic, and at all times Katie gave excellent advice whilst always considering my own opinion and wishes.
I can't praise Katie highly enough for her dedication to the brand, her lovely personality, and her skill in achieving what I would have believed to be the impossible!
One of the most enjoyable mornings I have ever spent. Thank you Katie.
Allie, Stamford
Katie has a fantastic method for matching make-up with your natural colouring. I learned some new techniques and found lots of new products available in a wide range of colours to ensure they suit me. I'd highly recommend a make-up session with Katie if you are looking for a make-up selection that enhances your look without looking like you've got loads of make-up on!
Ashleigh, Oakham
Pauline and I thoroughly enjoyed our colour consultation with Katie. It was great fun and it has made a huge difference to the way we look at colours that suit us. Katie demonstrated how to apply make up with colours that suited our skin tone. Since this day, we have had many compliments of our new look! Katie is an excellent consultant who we would HIGHLY recommend to anyone.
Athina, Stamford
I absolutely loved my morning with Katie. I came in not having a clue what suited me, and left feeling so much more confident. I went out and bought a few items after and have received a lot of compliments already. I actually feel happy clothes shopping again! Thoroughly recommended!
Jane, Wellingborough
Had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with my daughters at a Colour Party hosted by Katie. She was very knowledgeable and experienced in finding the right colour pallettes for our skin tones. We also enjoyed trialing the great 'Colour Me Beautiful' make up range which is very good quality and receiving make-up advice. My wardrobe is definitely being reviewed this autumn. Enjoyed our refreshments too. I can definitely recommend this experience and great for people who lack confidence in knowing what to wear and applying make-up.
June, Stamford
It was lovely to meet you on Monday, thank you so much for a wonderful four hours, I couldn't believe how quickly the time passed! Our consultation was really interesting and informative and gave me plenty to think about for when I next go clothes shopping. I shall definitely be looking for colours I wouldn't have considered before, particularly the brick red and the teal, and I will be on the lookout for cropped culottes too!

I shall spread the 'Colour Me Beautiful' word to all my friends and family, I'm sure it's something people of all ages will not only enjoy but learn from in terms of their style and colour choices.

Many thanks again.
Linda, Huntingdon
Thank you for a wonderful few hours with you on Friday I really enjoyed the whole experience .

I am looking forward to taking my colours out when I shop and will now plan more and stop impulse buying
and think more on items I purchase.

My makeup arrived today so no excuse now for moi!
Sarah, Leicestershire
Thank you very much for such an interesting consultation last Wednesday, I really enjoyed it and it was lovely to meet you.

I really enjoyed my colour consultation with you. I don't think I was too far away from some of my colours but what was really nice was it opened up so many more colours for me to try, some of which I definitely wouldn't have even looked at before. I've been through my clothes and already got rid of the ones that aren't my colours, funnily enough they're ones that never felt quite right either. I'm going to add some of my new colours over time. The same was true with the new colours for my make up, I love the fact I have more choice. Thank you very much. I would really recommend having your colours done.

Thank you Katie.
Ann, Western Australia
I had my colours analysed with Katie recently after changing to lighter hair colour. My best colours didn't feel best any more so I knew that help was needed.

Katie gave me a new selection of key colours and ways to combine my colour palette which I am really happy with now. Katie also did a makeup with good colours for me and I have to echo another person's review saying that she is highly skilled at this. The foundation and primer are especially good. I bought them and they make my complexion look so healthy. The session was a great experience as Katie is very friendly & approachable as well as being knowledgable. And the local pub in Manton village does great lunches too.

I came away feeling both relieved that I had answers and inspired to make a go of my new colours. I am receiving compliments now that I have put them into action on how much younger I look by going grey! The secret is that the colours feel and look right.
Julie, Northamptonshire
"I recently attended a Style and Colour Consultation with Katie, accompanied by my sister. Katie is very friendly and made us both very welcome.

Katie did my Colour Consultation in the morning. Katie is very knowledgeable, taking time to answer questions. Katie took photos of the colours that suited me and also before and after she did my make up; I have since received copies of the photos via email so that I have them as a reference.

After a break for lunch Katie did my Style Consultation. It was interesting to learn my Style Personality and about my own body shape. Katie went through all the types of clothes ie tops, skirts, trousers, dresses, jackets and swimwear, that would suit my body shape and again emailed me a copy of this information so that I have a copy to refer to.

The whole experience was relaxing and enjoyable, with Katie providing a lot of useful information which will definitely help me to refine my wardrobe and for future purchases.

Thank you Katie for a very enjoyable, informative day.”

Bridget, Peterborough
Wow.... what an experience! I have been toying with the idea of getting my colours done for years, and quite frankly, after meeting Katie, wondered why I'd left it so long.
I spent a thoroughly enjoyable four hours with her last Friday morning (in the heat), for a colour, makeup and fashion consultation.
From the very start, she welcomed me into her home and was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and sensible. The whole experience was really good fun.
I now realise that I have been wearing the wrong coloured foundation all my life! Even my husband (of 30 years) noticed the difference and how much better I looked wearing Katie's makeup.
The colour swatches are a brilliant "takeaway", and I now feel fully equipped to buy clothes in the right colour and shape, to suit and flatter my less than perfect body shape.
Can't thank you enough Katie. Time and money well spent."
Julie, Market Harborough
Just a line to say thank you for an enjoyable evening at the 'Holiday Packing Made Easy' workshop on Wednesday. It was a fun evening and again the information was practical and very useful.
Melanie, Oakham.
After going to a thoroughly enjoyable colour evening held by Katie before Christmas I decided to book a colour consultation. I had been interested in having my colours done for a while and was pleased to find a Colour Me Beautiful consultant based locally. Katie made me very welcome and I had a relaxing morning finding out which colour palette suited me and then having my make up done. Shopping has been made simpler as I know to avoid certain colours completely, no more black for me! I would recommend Katie to anyone looking for a unique gift or a treat for yourself.
Nicky, Northampton
Just to mention I did enjoy the consultation last Wednesday, it was really helpful and I am sure will be of great benefit when I next go clothes shopping. I have been telling my friends and my daughter is definitely interested !
Jan, Northampton
My friend and I really enjoyed our morning of colour consultation. It was a refresher for me after having had my colours done 30 years ago and the first time for my friend. You were very thorough and knowledgeable. Since the consultation we have both been looking at our wardrobe in a new light and have found ourselves considering what colours people are wearing and if it's in their correct pallet. I'm very pleased with the lipstick. The wallet of colour swatches will be invaluable when clothes shopping in the future. Thank you for hospitality, much appreciated.
Katie, Market Harborough
I found the colour consultation a very fun and informative experience. Katie has a lot of knowledge about colour matching which makes the whole experience more interesting. The products that were used were great quality and I got to leave with a little booklet of colour swatches and recommendations, which I will be keeping in my handbag for future reference. I am now able to make much better decisions when it comes to choosing what clothes suit my skin tone/hair/eyes. I would highly recommend buying this experience as a gift or for yourself as it felt like a real treat.Thank you very much Katie xx
Alison, Oakham
It was a great evening Katie. I would highly recommend it to anyone interesting in giving their colour and style a make over!
Kathy, Oakham
My colour session with Katie was such a great experience and so informative. Having worn the same mix of colours for years, I felt it was time for a new look and with Katie's guidance and help, I now know how to shop for the right colours for me. Even just enhancing my current wardrobe with a scarf - such a simple addition can make you look and feel so much better! Thank you so much Katie for your wonderful help - clothes shopping is so much easier now with my colour swatch wallet. I would recommend this to everyone, whatever age - makes you feel so good and confident about yourself and that is a great feeling!
Morag, Oakham
I hadn't appreciated how much my skin tone had changed as I've got older so my favourite "go to" colours weren't actually doing me justice. With Katie's guidance we explored a new palette and it's been eye opening- I'm finding that I'm more thoughtful about colour rather than just the style of an item. Thank you, Katie for your time and advice.
Nicky, Leicester
I had a very enjoyable time having my colours analysed by Katie, who is welcoming, knowledgeable and inspired me with me confidence in her skills and 'eye' for what suits an individual. I used the colour swatches that she gave me when I went clothes shopping yesterday and found them invaluable to steer me to items that enhanced my appearance. I feel good when I wear them and have already received complements on how becoming they look on me. I also used the swatches to help me achieve a ruthless cull of my wardrobe. Most of the items that are now heading their way to Oxfam I have held onto for years and years. I am so grateful that I had a guide and a catalyst to get on with on this very over due task. I also found her make up lesson the best I have every had. She gave me tips for a very subtle, but faltering new approach and I was impressed with how good the products felt on my face. Lastly, she sold me a beautiful scarf which is going to become a wardrobe staple and which was great value for money.
Caroline, Oakham
Katie is knowledgable and informative, explaining how to use colours that suit you and your personality. She makes it easy to understand how to make changes to your current wardrobe to enhance your colouring. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and invaluable advice, I would definitely recommend her